It’s been almost one year since one of the biggest life altering days of your existence unfolded, your wedding day. And now your 1st wedding anniversary is approaching quickly. The first wedding anniversary gift is important, as it is a symbol of the couples love and devotion.

Considering the importance of this 1st anniversary, shopping for an appropriate gift is going to require a lot more thought than just calling the local florist for the old standby of a dozen red roses. Don’t get me wrong, one dozen red roses are a great romantic gift for many occasions like birthdays and Valentines Day, but fall short of the thoughtfulness needed for a 1st anniversary gift.

Since this is your first wedding anniversary, it would be a good time to decide whether you want to follow the “traditional” or “modern” anniversary gift list for each year, or create your own tradition.

Finding romantic gifts while following the “traditional” anniversary gift list can be quite challenging. This makes those gifts all that much more special because of the thought and creativity that went into choosing them.

The traditional anniversary gift list begins with paper, on the 1st wedding anniversary, and goes up to the 75th wedding anniversary which is diamond. The modern anniversary gift list starts with clocks for the first year and ends with diamonds for the 75th year. The modern list is much more specific in its suggestions, making it very difficult if not impossible to find a romantic gift for some years like the 2nd and 4th years which are “china” and “appliances”; I just can’t recall ever seeing a sexy toaster or a romantic refrigerator.

Though not well known or popular there exist three other list for anniversaries and their gifts, the anniversary flower list, the anniversary gemstone list & the anniversary color list. The anniversary flower and gemstone list are believed to have been created by florist and jeweler associations after the tradition of giving gifts on wedding anniversaries became very popular.

According to the traditional anniversary gift list, the 1st wedding anniversary gift is paper

Regardless of which list, if any that you decide to follow, keep in mind that the 1st wedding anniversary is a milestone , so celebrate it with a gift that shows love and romance.

Here’s a few suggestions should you decide to follow the traditional anniversary gift list, which list “paper” for the first year. I know at first thought “paper” sounds lame and impossible to find a thoughtful and or romantic gift. But with a little creative thought and research you’ll see there is a lot of potential in finding the perfect gift of paper.

• Paper Roses, this is a great gift of paper. For one you get to follow the “list” and second you get the added romance of roses. There are several places online where you can find paper roses; some places like The Anniversary Rose specialize in 1st anniversary gifts and will even personalize them for you, with names, dates or even photos.
• Artwork on paper, this could range from posters to limited edition & numbered prints.
• Tickets to a show or sports event, this gift can be as simple and inexpensive as tickets to a movie or elaborate and pricey as tickets to a sold out Broadway show or sporting event.
• Poems or romantic letters, another great gift idea of paper. Personalize the poem with your spouse’s name, and then print on fine paper or parchment. Then roll into a scroll and tie with a ribbon.
• Books, these can range from simple paper backs to collector editions, a signed book from your spouse’s favorite author would make a very memorable gift.
• Photographs, a photo from the wedding or other treasured memory, in a nice frame.
• Treasure Map, this is only limited by your imagination. The map could be to other gifts that you have hidden, or a map to your heart, or a combo of both.
• Message in a bottle, this is a simple idea, just take a personalized poem, romantic letter or treasure map and roll it tightly tying it off with ribbon or string. Next just insert into a bottle and cork the opening. Older or decorative bottles will add to the effect of this great gift idea.